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“Parachutes Optional”
by Helena Andrews
NY Times Sunday Oct. 29th 2006

“I COME to Fly at least twice a week,” said 23-year-old Izumi Rosas between hair flings.  “It’s not pretentious at all.”

Tell that to the growing crowd stuck outside, where Shadi Salehi had been waiting for 20 minutes.

“I’ve tried to be here before and it hasn’t worked,” she said. “I’m very curious to see what’s happening inside.”

Fly Lounge, which opened in May, is arguably Washington’s most exclusive club this side of the Capitol.  With a capacity of only 150 and nearly half the space reserved for those buying bottles at up to $2,700, becoming a frequent flier is tough.

The doorman two Saturdays ago, Milos Milicevic, 27, claimed there were “too many reasons” some people have to wait.  “ The only way for us to figure someone’s attitude is to make them wait for a bit,” Mr. Milicevic explained, before adding: “I’m not rude. Am I?”

The basement lounge is a shiny homage to aviation-philia.  The glossy white walls, mimicking a plane fuselage, curve in, creating a cozy albeit cramped 2,000-squared-foot “cabin.”  Every so often, liquid nitrogen shoots from the ceiling, producing a jet engine roar both innovative and frightening.

The drink menus even include in-flight wisdom:  “The robot/running man combo is not funny.  Please stop embarrassing yourself.”  Still, questionable dance-floor judgment –like-girl-on-girl booty popping – was not in short supply.

Drinks are served by “fly attendants”, busty young women in taut black shirtdresses and knee-high boots who draw guests like Gilberto Cardenas.  “I was here last night,” said Mr. Cardenas, 36, a native of Colombia and one of Fly’s growing crowd of regulars.  “I am single, never married, no kids,” he publicized within earshot of the bar.

For those ill-equipped to plunk down $1,800 for the coveted corner V.I.P section, where big spenders control their own speaker volume and get the secret code to a private bathroom, there is Jay Bynum.  He is Fly’s answer to air traffic control: he runs the private limo service that provides free rides to anyone who buys at least a $1,000 table (the coach equivalent of the corner section).

“It’s kind of like being in a suit for the night,” he said of how travelers react to being chauffeured in a Mercedes S500.  “The more form-fitting clothes you wear, the softer you walk in your shoes.”

Fly Lounge
1802 Jefferson Place NW, near 18th Street and Connecticut Avenue; (202) 828-4433
GETTING IN First come first served. No list or cover but $1,000 will let you skip the line.
DRESS CODE Miniskirts, animal prints and BlackBerrys.
D.J. LINEUP DJ Enferno, DJ Oz and , of course, DJ Dirty Hands (an owner).
SIGHTINGS Lots of Redskins, Jamie Foxx; no sign of Jenna or Barbara Bush yet.

SIGNATURE DRINK Black Cherry Martini, $14.




“If high art and general mayhem had a love child, it would look a lot like ON LOKATION (  Cutting-edge design, DJ Oz spinning, some serious shopping and lots of liquor fuse monthly in an art space for a highbrow one night stand.  An October ON LOKATION is in the making, check web site for venue and details.”



“Lokation, Lokation, Lokation” From
Daily Candy (Washington, D.C Edition) Aug. 4, 2006

The weekend always seems so ripe with possibilities. 

But while every Thursday you eagerly make plans to visit museums, hit the town, and shop ‘til you drop, by Monday you’ve still barely washed your whites – and your “It’s my Angelina look” excuse isn’t fooling anyone.

So this weekend, roll all your plans into one with an outing to On Lokation’s shopping soiree at Numark Gallery.  The traveling boutique fuses together fashion, art, architecture, and interior design by opening once a month at different artistic spaces such as art galleries, theatres, and hotels.  The location and date of the event change monthly.

Sip on cocktails, snack on light fare, and groove to DJ Oz (Fly, Indebleu) while browsing clothing and accessories from indie designers like Brave, Becky, Dagg and Stacey, Covet, and Cop Copine.  Lines for Men include Dekker London and Romain Kapadia.

Sounds a little self-indulgent? A portion of the proceeds benefits nonprofit Dress for Success.

So next Monday you can say you had a glamorous weekend and you did a little good.

Looks like you’re one step closer to pulling off that Angelina thing



“INTERVIEW: DJ OZ” By Neran D September 2006

In the DJ world it seems that most of the known DJ’s are battle DJ’s, or a famous artists DJ.  Well, one thing I’ve learned about going clubbing is that the DJ can make or break a party. I have had the pleasure of working with DJ Geometrix when I used to throw parties.  He kept the music flowing all night that people didn’t want to stop. Over the past few months I had a chance to meet another one of Dc’s party starters, DJ Oz. You can catch Oz spinning at Thursday nights at FLY Lounge, Friday at INDEBLU, and then back at FLY on Saturday nights. We had a chance to sit down with Oz and shoot the shit about what makes him wanting to keep the freshest songs spinning all night long for your dancing pleasure.

Neran: How did you first get started as a DJ?
DJ OZ: I've always been interested in DJ’ing from when I was in High School. I used to listen to Dance Music/House and I knew a guy who spun that...But I got started after my freshman year in college.  A good friend of mine had two turntables and a mixer in the corner of his bedroom.  I asked if I could have them, and he said for $200.  Obviously at that time I was just a poor college student.  Not more than two or three months later, my friend noticed a sweatshirt I was wearing --I think it was a $20 yellow Brazil pullover--so he approached me and asked for it. I said gimme me the turntables and the mixer, and I’ll give you the sweatshirt.  So we traded, and that's how I got started.....

Neran: What were some of your first Gig's when you got started?
DJ OZ: Oh man...I remember doing friends house parties in small cramped apartments off of the University of Maryland Campus.  I used to DJ some of the Iota house parties at Maryland, and a lot of other crappy house parties.

Neran: Who are some of the DJs that you looked up to when you were coming up in the DJ game?
DJ OZ: I would have to say, without a doubt, DJ Jazzy Jeff. He was and is an unbelievable DJ/Turntablist who really doesn't get the respect he deserves.  Mainly because he's not big in the mixtape game like Whoo-Kid, P-Cutta, Kay-Slay, etc. etc.  But he is truly gifted.

Neran: Have you had a chance to meet Jazzy Jeff, and if so, what was it like?
DJ OZ: No, not yet.  But I am looking forward to it...

Neran: Now we know you are from Pakistan, is it hard to get respect being a hip hop DJ with your background?
DJ OZ: Well, not so much... These days Hip Hop is so universal, it isn’t unusual to see a White kid from the Netherlands, or a Japanese kid rockin’ the turntables.  Rarely do people ask me where I'm from when I play hip hop, however, when I play reggae or soca, with out fail, someone from the Caribbean will ask me where I’m from.  When I tell them, they say, "Oh! I thought you were from Guyana or Trinidad."  Also when I play old school soul/R&B, I normally get older heads asking me "Where you from?" and "What you know about that, boy!" always makes me laugh.

Neran: What do you think sets you apart from other DJs in the game?
DJ OZ: Being able to float through different genres of music, seamlessly.  One of the compliments I get a lot is that I can go from House to Hip Hop to Reggae to Old School without skipping a beat.

Neran: Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
DJ OZ: I see myself producing music and DJing on the side...married, with some kids and happy!

Neran: Kids huh? Do you see yourself teaching your kids how to DJ?
DJ OZ: Probably. They are gonna grow up around music, and I'm not gonna hide the fact that I Dj (or was a DJ as they get older).  So naturally they’re going to want to know more, and like most kids do, follow their parents.  So if my kids want to learn, all they need to do is ask.

Neran: What was the first record you ever played or bought ever?
DJ OZ: I can't remember the first record I ever bought, but I’m pretty sure the first recorded me ever played was Dinah Washington's "Sunday Kind of Love"
It's jazz, for those who aren't familiar with her.

Neran: What makes a record worth spinning?
DJ OZ: hmmmm...the beat! It's gotta be hot!! People tend to respond more to the beat then lyrics, obviously.  Honestly, most people don't even listen to the words, especially when they are at clubs, so it is the beat/production that grabs them. And their response is what makes a record worth spinning

Neran: Now before you said you traded a hoodie for your first dj set up, so what was your first DJ equipment setup?
DJ OZ: I had a pair of Gemini 700's (I think) and a Gemini mixer (I don't remember what kind).  I had all that hooked up to an old Pioneer receiver my brother had left behind when he went to college.  I then plugged whatever speakers I could find from any leftover stereo in the house to that receiver.  It was a good receiver, it allowed me to record, on to tape, my mixes so I could go back and hear how terrible my mixes and scratches really are!

Neran: What DJ equipment are you currently rocking?
DJ OZ: Two Technics 1200's, a Rane TTM-56 mixer, My G4 15inch Powerbook.  I just have my Turntables and Mixer hooked directly in to the soundcard of my desktop computer so I can record. I use the computer speakers as monitors.

Neran: Where was your best DJ gig ever and describe the feeling you had at that gig?
DJ OZ: Back when I was in college I had my first shot at Djing one of the Black Student Union parties in the Main Ballroom at the University of Maryland Campus. This ballroom holds about 600 people, and on that night we were packed.  It was VERY early in my DJ’ing career, and it was a big step for me.  I had one of my friends rockin the mic for me, and we RIPPED it!! I had the whole party rockin from the time they opened the doors until the cops forced us to shut down.  What made it so memorable, as in most successful parties, is the energy of the crowd.  It is truly an adrenaline I know how rockstars feel when they perform and the whole crowd goes crazy.  It is a power that is addictive.  We as Dj's basically control how people feel.  If you’re playing great music, people feel good and are having a good time, if you’re F-ing up and playing crap....your lucky if you don't get booed off stage.

Neran: Describe your worst DJ gig ever?
DJ OZ: There have been so many! HAHAHA... No seriously, there have been a lot of gigs, especially early in my career, that have really sucked and that was normally because no one showed up so it was basically me djing for myself and three other people and two bartenders.  There have been some embarrassing moments though.

Neran: Well we have seen you DJ many gigs at FLY LOUNGE DC, and you kept us moving...but we do see females do love DJ OZ, care to share any groupie stories?
DJ OZ: hahaha...groupie stories...surprisingly, I don't have any groupies....I guess the ladies just don't like Bald-headed Pakistani's.  Although I can say, when I used to work at Dream/Love, I did see some CRAZY things....none of which happened to me though!

Neran: what??? And you are not going to tell us these crazy stories???
DJ OZ: Okay, lemme think...Here's a funny one.
DJ OZ: I was DJ’ing at VIP club, which no longer exists.  A guy and a girl stumble into the DJ booth.  They ask me for a condom, mind you, I’m spinning records at this time.  I say no and turn back around towards the turntables. These two sneak in the corner of the DJ booth and begin sexual which includes Fellatio.  When I noticed this I had to kick them out, that is just nasty, especially at a club...

Neran: ok that’s too much! Let’s back interview, what’s your top 5 all-time favorite clubs to DJ at?

Neran: hahaha ok we see you love FLY, how about what are your top 5 all-time favorite records?
DJ OZ: ummm, that is tough one....
DJ OZ: in no particular order, if I did that I would be here all day.

Neran: hahaha ok that’s fair...
DJ OZ: Brother Sister by Brand New Heavies...Blue Trane by John Coltrane...Survival by Bob Marley....Blackstar by Blackstar....Midnight Marauders by ATCQ.

Neran:  Do you have any DJ pet peeves?
DJ OZ: Pet Peeves. Where do I begin!
DJ OZ: People who are drunk and want to ask me to play a song (that I’ve already played, or that just plain sucks) because it is their friend Becky's 23rd Birthday and she would really love to hear that song because it reminds them of  Spring Break in Cancun 2003. Mind you, it takes this drunken person about 20 mins to get this out of their drunken, slurring mouths...
DJ OZ: or, when someone asks me to play a song by "that guy, you know", that song that "goes like this", you know it's from "that movie where there is a girl and a guy"
DJ OZ: Or how about when I’ve been playing Hip hop, reggae and retro 80's and 70s music all night, then all of a sudden I will get a request for "Turkish" music

Neran: shall we take it, Becky was an actual person?
DJ OZ: No, I just use Becky as a symbol of all the drunken girls who ask me for stupid requests because it is their friend’s birthday...

Neran: hahaha ok that is fair! Well we have wasted enough of your day! And don’t forget next time someone wants to get freaky in your DJ booth, take pictures for us! Are there any projects or people you want to leave shout outs too before you leave?
DJ OZ: ummm, you can catch me at Fly Thursdays and Saturdays, Inde Bleu Fridays.....mixtapes and such will be coming soon, time permitting. Big ups to DJ Enferno who is doing his "Live Remix Project", it is insane! Big ups to DJ Dirty Hands for making me an immensely better dj, than I used to be. And everyone at Fly Lounge, I love all of you.  You, of course and all the folks here at!  And all those who love good music, I will see you soon....Inshallah. Peace.



On Lokation From
Washington Post Sunday Source Sunday, Aug. 19, 2007

At quarterly events in local galleries, lounges and pre-construction spaces, this avant-garde traveling boutique fuses fashion with free music and cocktails. A new U Street location welcomes shoppers during semi-regular hours (Thursday through Saturday and by appointment). Previous events have featured music by DJ Oz (of Fly fame) and a free mimosa bar.